(Under the “Code for the Protection of Personal Data”, Leg. No 196/2003)

1) Premise
Under the law for the protection of personal data, La Residenza Torchiara, as holder of the treatment, must provide information regarding the use of your personal information.

2) Source of personal data
Personal data are provided by the person to whom the data refer (the person “concerned”)  also through the distance communication techniques, such as the website.
Moreover, La Residenza Torchiara can acquire your data in the execution of its business or through third parties for purposes of business information, market research, direct offer of products or services. In this case La Residenza Torchiara will provide the persons concerned the information about their personal data.

3) Purpose of data processing
Personal data are processed in the normal activity of La Residenza Torchiara for the following purposes:
a)    implementation of obligations arising from contracts with La Residenza Torchiara and/or fulfillment of specific requests of the “concerned” before the conclusion of the contract;
b)    fulfillment of obligations under the law, regulations or legislation;
c)    other operational activities in La Residenza Torchiara, sent by letter, telephone, advertising, automated communication systems, newsletters, etc. in relation to which the subject has the right to give or deny consent.
In particular, La Residenza Torchiara will carry out:
–    market researches designed to detect the degree of satisfaction concerning the quality of services rendered and the work done; these market researches are carried out directly or through specialized companies;
–    business information,  products/services offers, sending newsletters directly or through specialized companies;
–    business information and offers of products and services of third parties carried out directly by La Residenza Torchiara
With regard to the sub purposes a) and b), note that the processing of personal data by La Residenza Torchiara, including the communication of these data to the entities referred to in paragraph 6 below, does not require your consent since the treatment is required to perform an obligation under the contract and / or to perform services you request and to comply with legal obligations.
However, with respect to the purposes specified in sub c) each subject has the right to refuse to La Residenza Torchiara, at any time, consent to treatment and / or communication to the persons referred to in paragraph 6 below, without causing adverse consequences in the contractual relationship.

4) Data processing methods
In relation to the purposes described in the preceding paragraph, the processing of personal data takes place through manual, computer and data transmission instruments with logic strictly related to the aforesaid purposes and, in any case, to ensure the security and confidentiality of data (with particular regard to the case of use of techniques of distance communication).

5) Categories of processed data
In relation to the purposes described in paragraph 3 above, La Residenza Torchiarae processes personal data other than “sensitive” (eg. personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, political opinions, the data regarding a health condition, sexual life etc) and “judicial” ones. In particular, the processing performed by La Residenza Torchiara is referred to personal information about customers and potential customers such as name, address, personal identification, social security number, etc. For these reasons, please do not communicate personal information as “sensitive” and / or “judicial”. If, however, La Residenza Torchiara needs to process “sensitive” data for its opertaions, the company will take care to send a supplement to this Notice and its request for consent to treatment.

6) Categories of persons to whom the data may be communicated or who can learn about them as managers or agents
To achieve the purposes described in paragraph 3 La Residenza Torchiara needs to communicate, in Italy and abroad, your personal data to third parties belonging to the following categories:
–    authorities and organs of supervision and control and, in general, public or private subjects with public function;
–    other companies within La Residenza Torchiara group, or any parent company, subsidiary or affiliated;
–    persons who perform services for acquisition and data processing required to execute the orders received from customers;
–    persons that provide services for the management of information system of La Residenza Torchiara and networks (including email);
–    persons engaged in the transmission, enveloping, transport and handling of communications with the involved;
–    persons engaged in the filing of documentation and data entry;
–    persons engaged in customer service (eg call centres, help desks, etc..);
–    firms or companies providing assistance and advice;
–    persons engaged in market research designed to detect the degree of client satisfaction about the quality of services and activities carried out by La Residenza Torchiara;
–    persons engaged in the promotion and sale of products / services, and other companies within La Residenza Torchiara group;
–    persons who carry out inspection, auditing and certification of the activities carried out by La Residenza Torchiara even in the interests of customers.
The subjects belonging to the above-mentioned categories act independently as holders of the treatment or as person in charge or officer appointed for the purpose of La Residenza Torchiara, whose constantly updated list is available at La Residenza Torchiara
Your personal data may also be known by employees of La Residenza Torchiara, who were expressly appointed as managers or Trustees.
Data processed by La Residenza Torchiara will not be disclosed.

7) Personal rights
Also, we inform you that the rules concerning the protection of personal data gives interested parties the possibility of exercising well-defined rights.
In particular, the person concerned can get:
a)    confirmation of the existence of data concerning him, even if not yet recorded, and their communication in intelligible form;
b)    information about the origin of personal data, the purposes and methods of treatment and the logic applied in case of treatment with the use of electronic means;
c)    information about the identity of the owner, the manager and the persons or categories of persons to whom your data may be communicated or who may become aware;
d)    the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data which have been processed unlawfully, as well as the updating, correction or, when necessary, integration of data;
The concerned may also refuse on legitimate grounds the handling of his/her own personal data, even though these are pertinent to the purpose of gathering.
He/she may also refuse, in whole or in part, the handling of his/her own personal data in relation to business information, advertising material mailing, direct sale, market research or interactive business communication.

8) Holder of the treatment and data collectors
The data controller is Riccio Angela R.M. -Borgoriccio- via Provinciale n.86 84076 Torchiara (Sa) – 84076 – Salerno
(P.IVA 04443040656 )
Requests referred to in paragraph 7 may be submitted in writing to the above-mentioned address.
Requests referred to in paragraph 7, Lett. a) b) c) may also be made orally.

Cookies information

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Wobook (Third party cookies)

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To register a reservation
In this case, your information will not be sold, exchanged or transferred without your consent, except for the explicit need to finalize the online booking.
Communicate the reservation to the Hotel
When registering a reservation, the data is sent to the Hotel.
Each hotel can then insert them on its management system or on its digital systems. Note that each Hotel undertakes with WuBook SRL, in an official way
documented, to comply with European and Italian privacy directives.
WuBook: http: //

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6. Data Controller

Riccio Angela R.M. -Borgoriccio- via Provinciale n.86 84076 Torchiara (Sa) – 84076 – Torchiara – Salerno

Since the installation of third-party Cookies and other tracking systems through the services used within this Site cannot be technically controlled by the Owner, any specific references to Cookies and tracking systems installed by third parties are to be considered indicative. To obtain complete information, consult the privacy policy of any third party services listed in this document.

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Legal references

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